Release Notes 6.0

What's New in this Release

Completely redesigned form editor

Editing Run Self-Service forms have never been easier. This release introduces an interactive form editor featuring a tabbed interface that provides better organization and a cleaner view to help you easily navigate and configure fields, display, and run settings. 

Password field type

This top-voted feature request introduces a new Password field type that can be added to any form and will automatically encrypt and mask content keyed into the field.

Retrieval of selected text with replace variable

You asked and we listened. We have now introduced an option to retrieve text associated with a value from list of text:value pairs for select, muti select, radio and checkbox field types. You can do so by using $fieldkey_text in the macro body where _text is the suffix to be used with the key. For more details, please refer to Run macro and Field types.

Awesome new variable substitution 

Another top feature request was to introduce parent page pre-defined variables for _title, _id, _url, and tinyurl. All four have been added and are now available for variable substitution when using Run and Run-now macros. 

Hide macro has a new best friend - AND

This release introduces AND as a powerful new operator to be used with showif, hideif, and renderif parameters. Previously, the macro used the OR condition with a comma separated list of regex conditions to take respective action.

This release is available for Confluence 6.0 and above. The Confluence server must be running Java 1.8 or higher

Release Highlights

A Note from the Product Team

The Bob Swift team is proud to announce the release of the Run Self-Service Reports for Confluence app, version 6.0. This release introduces significant usability enhancements, minor feature enhancements, and some fixes.

With version 6.0, we focused on improving the user experience when using the Run macro to add or edit forms. Working with forms is now fun and straightforward. Well, as fun as working with forms can be (wink)

Shout out to our fantastic team of UX designers for hosting experience sessions and encouraging us to sharpen our saws.

We also want to thank you, our incredible, and highly supportive customers, for using our apps. Your feedback and votes have helped shape this release and wanted you to know that you indeed are the reason why we build software!

Nagesh Santhapuri
Principal Software Engineer


Nagesh Santhapuri

Prakhar Srivastav

Experience DesignSangram Salunkhe

Swathi Komirelli

Vijay Ramamurthy

Amith Mathur

Product ManagementRandall Ward

Holly Wright

Sam Rector

Kat Sandin

Cody Wooten

Technical Writing

Sireesha Dugginapeddi

Randall Ward

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