Field types - 6.x


The Replace field list (replace) parameter is a comma separated list of field descriptions. A field description is a colon separated list of entries that configure the field for display and replacement. Each field has a type and each type has a colon separated list of configuration entries. 

If you prefer to see an example before looking at the reference information, go to this article.

The base field configuration that is common to all field types. Position refers to the position within the colon separated list (position1:postion2:position3:position4: etc...). Blanks are valid. Optional fields do not need to be specified. The following table lists the sequence to be used for the Replace field list:

1keyrequiredEnter the field name. It must not be blank or contain blanks. Avoid special characters. This is the name used for replacement in the body. Key is case sensitive.
2valueblankEnter the initial field value. Always use the internal value and not the text representation of the value where that is supported.
3descriptionkeyEnter the prompt text for the field that will appear in the field table. Line breaks with leading space ( <br>) and required spaces (&nbsp;) are supported.
4field typetextSpecify the field type from the list. See the field types table in the next section for valid values. Invalid types are ignored.

Field types

Field type qualifiers

The field type (position 4) entry can be qualified by one or more of the following by appending the qualifier to the field type name.

Field type validations

An individual field type can be validated against a regular expression (regex), display an error message if the field value does not match the given regex, and if required, a short description about the field. To enable the validation for a specific field, toggle Validate on to enable the Regular expression, Error message, and Help text fields. This position entry is appended to the the field type qualifier. Available since version 6.2.

The entry is supported for the following field types:

  • Text
  • Password
  • Textarea
  • Date
  • Integer
  • Float
  • Once Validate is enabled, the three fields, Regular expression, Error message and Help text, then become mandatory, that is, values for all three fields must be provided. 
  • A configuration error is displayed in the editor if values are not given for all of the validation fields before the settings are saved.
  • Disable the Validate field if validations are not required for the specific field to proceed further.
  • Refer to this article to know more about regular expressions.