Release notes 2.3.0

What's new

Customize the look and feel of your secure content blocks

With this release, you can change the way secure content blocks appear on your pages as follows:

  • Apply styles to all or specific secure content block(s)
    Styles can be applied at the macro level or to all secure content blocks across your instance. To apply styles across an instance, Confluence administrators can add and/or override the sc-message-block class to define styles that changes the look and feel of all secure content blocks on all pages. So when a user creates a secure content block on their page, these styles get applied by default.

    To change the default styles of a specific secure content block, users can edit the CSS style field in the Secure Content Block macro editor. Note that the styles defined here are applied to that specific secure content block only.
  • Hide or show the lock icon
    By default, a lock icon () is shown inside a secure content block. This icon appears on the leftmost side of the block and is different from the button used to allow access to the secure contentUsers can now choose to hide this icon for the specific secure content block with the Show lock option in the Secure Content Block macro editor.


Compatible with Confluence read-only mode (Data Center only)

With this release, the app is now compatible with Confluence read-only mode. A Confluence administrator can block all activities for all apps with the read-only mode. If enabled, administrators and users are blocked from using this app and an error message is displayed about the mode being active.

Resolved issues

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