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This page provides instructions to customize the Bob Swift Atlassian Scripting for Confluence app.

After upgrading or installing Scripting for Confluence, follow the steps mentioned below to navigate to the app's configuration:

  1. Log in as a Confluence administrator with global permissions.
  2. Select  > Manage apps.
  3. Either search for Scripting for Confluence or scroll to Bob Swift Configuration, and click Scripting to view app configuration.

Global configuration

Use the toggles to enable or disable the settings.

Allow JavaScriptOn

Enable this option to use Javascript in the Scripting for Confluence macros. This option allows administrators to control the usage of JavaScript in the macros.

If enabled, the usage of Javascript in the macros is not restricted and thus, users must be advised about the potential security issues if this feature is not used correctly. If disabled, this option prevents users from using JavaScript in the macros. Available since version 5.3.1.

Help us improve the productOnEnable this option to allow us to collect some usage data that helps us improve our product. To learn more about what is being sent, refer to Analytics information.