Access Tokens


To access Slack with the CLI, you will need a token for your workspace. The token needs to be provided on the token parameter on all CLI actions. Usually this is done by coding it into your configuration. Tokens carry access permissions and should be treated securely like passwords. Slack has a number of different token types and, depending on how they are generated, are permitted to only do certain actions.

Generating Tokens

Slack has disabled the ability to generate Legacy tokens.

Legacy Tokens

  • Easy to generate
  • Represents a fixed set of permissions as defined by Slack
  • Recommendation from Slack is to use Application tokens instead
  • Information and Token Generator

App Tokens

  • A little bit more work to generate a token
  • Each permission needs to be granted separately
  • Create an app - for a CLI app token, only a few things are needed:
    • Name the app - for example, call the app acli or anything else you like
    • Grant permissions (scopes)
    • Install into your workspace
    • Copy the resulting token for use on the CLI into your configuration file (recommended) or use directly as the token parameter value
    • To make change, go to: Your apps
    • Test your token with the CLI using: slack --action getServerInfo --token xxx

Example Maximum Permission Choices 

Another Example From 2021 UI