SQL for Confluence


This app enables you to display results from an SQL query. Data from one or more result sets are formatted and typically displayed as a table. This enables dynamic data to be easily displayed on pages together with documentation and other data. Confluence now becomes a reporting and business intelligence tool that is integrated with your other collaborative data. Multiple SQL statements, semi-colon separated, can be specified within a single SQL macro body depending on what is supported by the specific database being used (currently available for server/DC version only).


  • Support for JDBC compliant databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MySQL. (Server/DC only)
  • Access to multiple data sources. Either, application server defined or directly defined data sources can be accessed. (Cloud supports data source profiles only)
  • Access data in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account using Identity and Access Management (IAM) authentication. (Cloud only)
  • Support for Common table capabilities, such as advanced sorting, row highlighting, and column totals and styles. (Cloud supports limited styling and row highlighting)
  • Compatibility with the Chart macro to create charts from the SQL results. (Server/DC only)
  • Enabled for Macro Security for Confluence to control access and use of the SQL Query macro. Datasource specific restrictions provide flexibility.
  • Advanced logging support assists administrators with usage and problem determination. (Server/DC only)
  • Configuration options assist administrators with protecting against poor SQL use.


See Editions for more details.

SQL (Pro Edition)

  • More Features
  • Added Convenience
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Faster Performance

SQL (Express Edition)

  • Powerful, yet cost effective
  • Option for $10/10 users

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