Data Source Picker


With release 7.0, we introduced a drop down list on the dataSource parameter for the various sql macros. This gives the Confluence administrator an opportunity to make it easier for users to discover data sources available for use. This article describes how this works and how it can be best customized for your site.

How It Works

  • Only data source profiles will be provided in the list. See below for how to add application defined data sources to the list.
  • A data source name can be directly typed in whether it is on the list or not.
  • Even if a data source is protected by Macro Security, it will still show up in the list.

Browser Support

  •  Chrome
  •  FireFox
  •  IE 10 or higher is required, otherwise degrades to previous support, no list - you need to type in the data source name.
  •  Safari (8) degrades to previous support, no list - you need to type in the data source name. Future support is expected.


  • The default behavior was to not expose application defined data sources in the list. This gives administrators control over what is exposed. Administrators can easily add a data source profile to link to a application provided data source if they want it exposed on the list. This is done by:
    1. Go to UPM, find the SQL add-on, and press the Configure button
    2. Add a new data source profile to the configuration
    3. Name the profile the same as the application defined data source (or different if you prefer)
    4. Specify the dataSource parameter in the profile pointing the the application defined data source: dataSource = my_application_defined_data_source_name
  • Administrators may not want to expose certain application data sources - they may be highly restricted (macro-security) or "need to know" usage