Release notes 10.3

Release date: 2020-01-05

Our team is excited to announce the release of SQL for Confluence, version 10.3.

Compatible Confluence versions: 6.13.0 and above

Quick tip
Did you know you can use the Macro Security for Confluence app to retrieve your data securely? Head to the app overview for more information.

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Filter table data based on columns

Enable the Display data filter option in the macro editor (Table settings > Advanced settings) to view a drop-down list under each column. Select the relevant value(s) in the required columns to display the desired information.

Enhanced security for profiles

Users can specify data profiles in the SQL for Confluence macros as per the assigned permissions in Macro Security for Confluence. So, if the profile is restricted from use for user(s), group(s), or Confluence space(s), the relevant profile will not be available in the Data source profiles drop-down list of the macro editor.

Sensitive data are now encrypted to provide an additional layer of security for profiles.

The encryption-decryption of profile passwords is not available if the app is downgraded from version 10.3 to a lower release version. If you must downgrade the app version, passwords of all the profiles must be re-entered to ensure proper working of profiles.

Resolved issues


Thank you our valuable customers!

We want to thank you, our incredible, supportive customers, for using our apps. You have provided great feedback and want you to know that you truly are the reason why we build software!