Migration from server/DC to cloud


Before migrating your SQL for Confluence app content from server to cloud, we recommend reading this Atlassian article to plan your migration. 

Administrators must ensure that the following feature flag is enabled in the server instance as a part of the pre-migration setup:

  • migration-assistant.app-migration.feature: <Confluence_URL>/admin/darkfeatures.action

Refer to the Getting started page from Atlassian for more information about the prerequisites for the migration.

This page explains:

  • Migration process
  • Differences between the server/DC and cloud version of the app

Migration process

  • Confluence instance migration - Use the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant app to migrate everything you need from Confluence Server to Atlassian Cloud. Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant explains in detail the step-by-step procedure to migrate the required content. As mentioned in the previous section, Atlassian does this job for you in most cases.
  • App installation - Install the app from Marketplace.
  • All global configuration data in the Configuration page are transferred from the server/DC instance to the cloud instance.
  • Profile configuration data migration is not supported in this release. Administrators are required to manually create profiles as required to avoid issues rendering SQL content on Confluence pages.
  • If multiple migrations are performed on the same cloud instance, the latest migration takes precedence.
  • Any subsequent migrations performed on the same cloud instance only adds or merges the data, but does not delete any existing data.

Important information:

  • The migration of data from server/DC to cloud is an independent process from app installation or configuration in your cloud instance. We recommend that administrators verify that all your data (configuration as well as your Confluence pages) are displayed properly after the migration process is completed. Please report any issues immediately.
  • We capture certain details, excluding private user data or any personally identifiable information, during the migration process to help us improve our app continually. Refer to Analytics data to know more about the what information is collected.

Differences between server and cloud versions

Out of the macros available in the server/DC version, only the SQL Query macro is supported in the cloud version for this release. The following table lists the macro parameters and features that work differently in server/DC and cloud:

Configuration type

(Global, Profile, or Macro)

GlobalRows per pageNot supportedSupported
ProfileDriver class/Driver JAR locationSupportedNot supported
Limit max activeSupportedNot supported
Connection stringSupportedNot supported
Show SQL optionSupportedNot supported
Execution of multiple SQL statements (Initial SQL/Before SQL/After SQL)SupportedNot supportedDue to technical limitations, the app currently does not support handling of multiple SQL statements in the cloud version.

AWS IAM user authentication method

(AWS IAM/ AWS regionKey ID/Secret Access Key)

Not supportedSupported
Application server based data source profilesSupportedNot applicable
MacroDefault profile optionSupportedNot supported
Parameters/Auto commit SQL statementsSupportedNot supported
Options for showing SQL codeSupportedNot applicableIn the cloud version, the macro displays SQL statements or scripts in the SQL format. Thus, the parameter is not required in the cloud version.
Output formatSupportedNot supported
Show results as a tableSupportedNot supported
Show number of rows updatedSupportedNot supported

Wiki markup related fields

(Render wiki markup macros in body/Show generated wiki markup/Escape special wiki characters)

SupportedNot applicableThis feature is not supported in Confluence cloud.

Expand array fields

SupportedNot supported

Table styles related fields

(Table id/Table class/Table style/Table width/Border width)

SupportedNot supported
Enable download and export as an attachment/File delimiter...SupportedNot supported
Column type/Column attributes/Apply column attributes to header rowsSupportedNot supported
Total typeSupportedNot supported
Auto number column stylesSupportedNot supported

Sorting related fields

(Enable sorting on auto number column/Enable column sorting/Automatically sort in descending order/Display sort icon/Sort tip text)

SupportedNot supported
Auto total numeric columnsSupportedNot supported
Apply Column styles to column cells/Apply Row styles to row cells/Retain row style order after re-sortingSupportedNot applicableIn the cloud version, the table in the Preview pane itself supports styling of specific row(s) and column(s). Thus, the specified parameters are not applicable for use in the cloud version.
Number of header rows/Header row stylesSupportedNot supported
Enable row highlighting on mouse overSupportedNot supported
Highlight colourSupportedNot applicableIn the cloud version, the table in the Preview pane itself supports highlighting of rows and columns. Thus, the specified parameter is not applicable for use in the cloud version.
Number of rows to be displayed on one pageNot supportedSupported

Please note that all the other parameters function the same in both versions of the app.

Problem reporting

If you experience any problems or behavior changes that are unexpected, refer to Help and open a ticket with us. This helps us identify and prioritize fixes and improvements.