Release notes 4.5


Last release supporting Confluence 3.x

See Compatibility - Confluence. This is likely the last release for Confluence 3.x support.


Accommodate Confluence 4.3 template changes

Confluence 4.3 has storage space based templates. This incompatibility means that script support that gets text from a space template is broken since the returned content is now storage format. To accommodate this problem, change the handling of this data to look for unformated text in the template. Consider any content that is wrapped in a noformat as the plain content from the template. All other data in the template will be ignored.

The incompatibility requires templates that are used for this capability to be updated to surround the text with the noformat or wiki-markup macros. Most standard usage does not employ this technique, however some SQL users do use this extensively. To ease migration pains, support has been added for releases previous to Confluence 4.3 to allow the accommodation as well. In this case the noformat macro must be the first and last text in the template. This is supported by SQL for Confluence release 5.0 and later as well as 4.5.0 (for Confluence 3.5.x specifically).

Resolved issues

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