Release notes 5.1


This release is focused on helping administrators with additional logging and control options. This is especially important for enterprise level customers.

Installation considerations

After installing the upgrade, please check other apps being disabled as described in How to resolve installation problems.

Time logging

Administrators can now get SQL execution time logging in addition to the statement logging that has been available since 4.0. See How to log SQL activity for details.

Timing logging
2012-10-21 19:29:48,113 [http-8116-4] statement time: 2293 ms, total time: 2300 ms

Query execution timeout

Another important enterprise level requirement is to provide greater control over SQL queries that use too many resources or take too much time. Administrators can configure a global timeout that will stop queries from running longer that the limit. With Macro Security for Confluence, administrators can still allow trusted user to exceed the limit for specific long running queries. This is done by using the queryTimeout parameter on the macro. Trusted users can be configured in Macro Security for Confluence to be able to exceed the default queryTimeout parameter for the sql and sql-query macros.

By default, queryTimeout processing is not enabled (No limit) for compatibility with current behavior. A app administrator can set a specific value via Configure button for the app in UPM.

When enabled, the timeout will also be restricted by the render timeout limit imposed by Confluence on total time to render content (default is 120 seconds).

Requires database support

 Only available when used against databases/JDBC drivers that provide support. A partial list is provided here. Check your database usage for similar support. See SQL-172 - Getting issue details... STATUS for more details.

  • PostgreSQL 9.2
  • Oracle 11g
  • MySQL 5.0

Support Confluence 5.0 install

Confluence 5.0 EAP is starting. This release of the app can be installed on Confluence 5.0.

Resolved issues

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