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The Bob Swift software team is proud to announce the release of SQL for Confluence version 9.

With 2,000+ customers in more than 60 countries, SQL for Confluence is one of our most popular Bob Swift Atlassian apps. Version 3.0, the oldest recorded by Atlassian, was released back in September 2006 and since then, our team has released 50 versions of this app. Whoa! I know, right? Version 9 is our most impressive yet, with many of our top customer-requested features included.

We'd like to thank you, our awesome customers, for helping support this app. You tell us when things are awesome and when we miss the mark. You provide us with valuable product ideas that range from small enhancements to complete features. You test early versions of our products and cheer us on from afar. We appreciate everything you do and want you to know that you truly are the reason we build software!

If you'd like to see all of the new features in action, upgrade now or visit the Marketplace to download the app.

Sunita Patro - Technical Team Lead
Bob Swift Atlassian Applications

Release highlights

Organized Global Configuration page for admins

Admins, this one's for you! We've been listening to your feedback and version 9 has some exciting additions for you, including:

A new option for Bob Swift configuration right within the General Configuration navigation pane. This navigates you to the 'Configure SQL for Confluence' page, which features a clean, tabbed interface to help guide you through setting your global configuration parameters.

Visit the Marketplace to download SQL for Confluence. 

Easy-to-configure Data Source Profiles

With version 9, we've simplified the way admins create and manage Data Source Profiles by introducing: 

  • One location to create and manage Data Source Profiles
  • Our configuration screens are friendly and clean, meaning no more messy strings to fumble over (but, we will let you enter in your own connection string if you want to (wink))
  • Extended parameters are now just a simple click away
  • Sensitive password entry is masked on configuration screens

Improved Data Source listings page

We'll be the first to admit that prior versions did not showcase Data Sources in the best way possible. We fixed that by adding:

  • One click + Add Profile button front and center
  • Data Source Profiles listed alphabetically, so you can quickly find the Data Source in which you are interested
  • Edit and Remove links are right inline with each Data Source Profile listing

Visit the Marketplace to download SQL for Confluence. 

Unlimited data sources (for Pro Edition) 

One of the top voted issues from many of our larger customers was to eliminate the fixed 30-entry ceiling for Data Sources, so we introduced unlimited Data Sources for SQL for Confluence (Pro Edition). Yes, please exercise this! (wink)

The ability to connect to unlimited data sources is only available in our Pro Edition. With SQL for Confluence (Express Edition), you can connect to a maximum of 3 data sources. Visit our Editions page for a full breakdown of the features available within each edition.

Automatic connectivity checks

One of our top requests was to introduce integrity checks around Data Source connectivity, so this release includes: 

  • The ability to test database and network connectivity while creating a new Data Source Profile
  • Visual connectivity indicators to clearly communicate the current state of each Data Source Profile and help with troubleshooting 

Get started!

If you already have SQL for Confluence are ready to start using all of these new features, visit the Universal Plugin Manager to upgrade your app. If you’re new to SQL for Confluence, head over to our Marketplace listing to download the app.

The SQL for Confluence 9.0 Roadmap Team


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Randall Ward

Murthy Mokkapati


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Vijay Ramamurthy

Amith Mathur

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Technical WritingSireesha Dugginapeddi


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