Data source profiles - 8.x

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This information is primarily for the Confluence or SQL for Confluence administrator.

Data source profiles allow the administrator to provide additional configuration for use by SQL macros. See Release notes 5.2 for details on the new capabilities this provides. Data source profiles can be stand-ins for data sources referenced by macros using the dataSource parameter. They are treat the same. This includes how you configure Macro Security for Confluence. Think of data source profiles as just additional data sources for use.

How to implement role based security for SQL queries provides an example use case.


Each data source profile is identified by a unique name. This name is case specific, just like application server defined data sources. The value field is a | (bar) separated list of parameter expressions of the form name=value. This is just like wiki markup macro parameters and are case insensitive.

Screen shot

  • Go to Manage Apps in Confluence administration.
  • Find the SQL for Confluence app in the list.
  • Click Configure.


Quick configurations

  1. Copy and paste the configuration into your data source profile configuration.

  2. Change the name to something meaningful for your organization.
  3. Modify the URL to your database server.
  4. Modify the database name (from test to the name of database you want to query).
  5. Modify the user and password to match the user credentials defined for the the database server.
  6. To test, create a page and use Insert -> Markup to add the following wiki markup : {sql-query:dataSource=example} select 1 {sql-query}.

dataSource not found

All 5 database parameters are required when defining database access directly. Otherwise, you likely get a dataSource not found message.

Using the lib location

Often, using the lib location (for example, dbJar=lib/ojdbc6.jar) is best, especially if you already have or later intend to define an application server based data source. The following is for a standalone installation: