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This macro has all the same parameters as the SQL macro and behaves similarly in most cases. There are two primary reasons for using sql-query:

  • Read-only enforcement — Some databases/JDBC drivers support read-only SQL statements. In this case, the sql-query macro attempts to use this support if available. Otherwise, it behaves exactly like the SQL macro.

    Read-only support means the database can optimize for read-only statements to improve performance. For some databases (PostgreSQL for instance), the read-only aspect is enforced, while in others, it is only a performance suggestion.

  • Security — Using Macro Security for Confluence, administrators can configure different restrictions for use of the SQL and SQL-query macros. This provides greater flexibility by allowing more people to query without having access for other SQL operations. For instance, administrators can create read-only data sources using database access controls and only grant access to those specific data sources. 

Usage Parameters

NameRequiredDefault ValueMacro Browser LabelDescription
Data source
(may be restricted)
Data Source NameSpecify the data source name. It represents an application server defined data source or data source profile defined by your administrator.

Output format

Determines how the output is formatted:

  • HTML — Generates HTML from the result set data. Data is HTML encoded unless encoding has been disabled.
  • wiki — Generates and renders wiki markup from result set data. If the data might contain unintended wiki markup characters, set the escape parameter as true.
  • XHTML (Pro Edition) — Generates and renders XHTML from result set data. Data is HTML encoded unless encoding has been disabled (disableAntiXss).
  • unrenderedWiki (Pro Edition) — Generates wiki markup from result set data, similar to wiki, without rendering. Wraps with a table-plus macro suitable for copying to another system.

For more information on common SQL parameters, refer to Working with SQL parameters - 9.x.

Explore SQL parameters

The SQL-query macro has dozens of built-in parameters that you can explore and apply.