Release notes 10.0

What's new in this release

Completely redesigned macro editor 

The macro editor has been redesigned into a clean looking interface with tabs to group parameters based on functionality. We have added a new SQL editor under the SQL settings menu that allows you to input SQL statements in the query box and preview the output instantly. The new macro editor also allows you to choose and apply advanced styles and formats, individual columns, and alternating rows to the query output

Collapsible preview tray for extra workspace

The preview pane in the macro editor is now collapsible. With a simple click, you can open the preview when you want to view your changes and hide it when you need more workspace.

Improved menu for locating a script 

We have added a drop-down menu for locating your scripts. You can also enter additional information about the script location in the dynamic drop-downs or text fields that appear under a selected script location.

Quick access to the SQL macro

We’ve also added our most commonly used SQL Query macro to the Insert macro drop-down for quick and easy access. Alternatively, the app appears in the list of top apps in the Macro suggestions menu.

For more information on the featured macros, examples, and app usage, refer to the User's Guide.

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This release is available for Confluence 6.0 and above. The Confluence server must be running Java 1.8 or higher.

A Note from the Product Team

After months of intense development and testing, we are delighted to say that SQL for Confluence, version 10 is here. We can't wait for you to get started with the new features.

We've introduced a modernized macro editor and added other enhancements that will make it easier than ever to query and format SQL output.

We'd like to thank you for your continued support and the outpouring of votes for some of the improvements introduced in this release! We thrive on your feedback and ideas, and want you to know that you are the reason why we build software!

Sunita Patro
Technical Team Lead

Rama Krishna Anumola
Principal Software Engineer



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