Better together - 10.x

We've built a number of apps that provide added functionality when paired with SQL for Confluence:

  • Macro Security for Confluence  Allow only trusted users or groups to edit the content that contains restricted macros while still allowing general users to view the content using Confluence's page edit permissions.
  • Cache for Confluence — Improve the performance of complex pages by using this app's Cache and Future macros to wrap any or all macros on your Confluence page. The Cache macro causes its cached content to display immediately so users do not have to wait for the expensive rendering of complex macros or accessing external data like SQL queries. The Future macro loads its content in the background, allowing the rest of the page content to display immediately, thus, improving the performance of pages that contain longer running macros.
  • Run Self-Service Reports  Build self-service forms that drive dynamic SQL queries or other processing based on user-provided parameters or defaults. Many types of form fields are supported, with the ability to supply field-level help.