Release notes 10.2

What's new in this release

Provide search criteria to filter table data

Make your tables even more interactive with filtering! Users can now filter table data using simple, text-based searches or they can perform more complex searches using regular expressions. Toggle on the Display data filter option from the macro settings to see a filter panel that appears on top of every table that the macro renders. The panel contains a text box to enter the required search criteria and buttons to proceed with the filter or to clear the box to start a new filter. To learn more about regular expressions, refer to this article.

Provide delimiter for downloaded or exported files

Specify a custom file delimiter to be used when table data is downloaded or exported. This feature is enabled only if Enable download and export as an attachment in Advanced settings (Table settings) is selected. Select a delimiter from a list of commonly used characters from the drop-down, or select Other and specify the relevant character to be used as a delimiter.

Enforce user-defined styles for rows and columns

Having trouble getting your tables to look just right? Now, find new formatting options that override the default Confluence styles, so your tables maintain the styles you set. The Apply column styles to column cells option and the Apply row styles to row cells option, under Column settings and Row formatting respectively, make the styles persist for rows and/or columns on the pages. By default, these options are toggled off.

This release is available for Confluence 6.0 and above. The Confluence server must be running Java 1.8 or higher.



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