How to set SSL connection for SQL server with SQL for Confluence (Pro Edition)

This article provides step by step instructions on how to set SSL connection using SQL server database with SQL for Confluence (Pro Edition).


  1. Log into Confluence as an administrator.
  2. Click the Cog menu > Manage apps.
  3. Expand app, Bob Swift Atlassian Add-ons - SQL (Pro Edition).
  4. Click Configure to see the configuration page.
  5. Select the View and modify data source profiles tab.
  6. To create a data source profile, click the Add profile button.
  7. Provide the following parameters along with other required details while creating a profile:

    Connection String for MSSQL database:


    Need to append integratedSecurity=true option to the connection string as shown above, to set SSL connection for SQL server. 

    Driver class:

    Driver Jar location:


    To download the required jar file, navigate to this URL: and place the jar file in this location: <Confluence-Installation-Directory>/Confluence/WEB-INF/lib.

    In general, Confluence provides the MSSQL JDBC jar and it is under <Confluence-Installation-Directory>/Confluence/WEB-INF/lib.

  8. Click the Test connection button. Once the connection is successfully established, you see this message: Connection successful.

  9. Click Next and Save profile. Your SSL connection for SQL server is now set.

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