Unable to see table views in SQL macro

Problem statement

Table views are not listed in the SQL statement drop down in the SQL settings tab of SQL macro, whereas you can find them in the database.


ApplicationSQL for Confluence (Pro edition)
App version10.0.1 or greater


This issue occurs due to cached data of the SQL for Confluence app.


Perform the following: 

  1. Log into the Confluence instance and edit the SQL macro setting to select the view in the intended page. 
    Notice that the view is not available as shown in the below screenshot:
  2. Log into Confluence as an Administrator and navigate to  > General configuration.

  3. From the left sidebar, select Cache Management under Administration.
  4. In the Cache Statistics screen, for Bob Swift Atlassian Apps - Sql, click Flush.

  5. Navigate to the required page and click the Edit icon ().
  6. Add a SQL macro and click Edit to open the macro editor.
  7. Select the Data source profile that has a connection to the database where the view was created. 
  8. In the SQL settings > SQL statement > Select tables and views dropdown, enter the required view name. You now see the intended views listed in the drop down.
  • It is recommended to test these steps in a non-production environment before implementing it in the production environment.
  • During a flush, only cached data that is not visible to the user is cleaned.

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