How to align the column data to the center using Advanced Tables for Confluence

This article explains how to align the column data to the center with the Table Plus macro of the Advanced Tables for Confluence app.


  1. Log into your Confluence instance, and create a new page or click to edit an existing page.
  2. Insert the Advanced Table - Table Plus macro and insert a table inside the macro. For this example, consider the following table inside the macro:

  3. Edit the macro and go to Column Settings > Formatting > Cog wheel (Show column attributes as shown:

  4. Enter style="text-align:center" under Column attributes, and click Save settings

    As the sample table contains a single column, the style is provided for the first column (in the screenshot, refer to Columns with number 1). Use this style for the columns as per your requirement in your table(s).

    Use Add formatting to specify formatting for other columns in your table.

The output displays with data aligned to center. For the given example, the table is displayed as:

We recommend this to be tested in the stage environment before being implementing in the production.