How to format column settings of Jira Issue macro inside a Table Plus macro

This article explains how to add background cell color to the columns of a Jira Issue macro inside a Table Plus macro. Similar formats can be applied to column settings as per your requirements.


  1. Log into your Confluence instance, and create a new page or click to edit an existing page.
  2. Insert Advanced Table - Table Plus macro and insert a Jira Issue macro inside the macro.

  3. Edit the Jira Issue macro, provide the required project key in the project="keyname" format, and click Insert. You can click Display options to select the fields to be shown. 

  4. Now, edit the Table Plus macro and go to Column Settings > Formatting. Click Cog wheel  and select Show column attributes as shown:

  5. Provide the following styles in Column attributes for each column and click Save settings:

    style="border:0;background:pink;", style="border:0;background:lightpink;", style="border:0;background:thistle;", style="border:0;background:plum;", style="border:0;background:lavender;", style="border:0;background:hotpink;"

The output is displayed as follows:

We recommend to test this in the stage environment before being implementing in the production.