How to set a table's column width in JSON macro using the Advanced Tables for Confluence app

This article explains how to set a JSON table's column width using the Advanced Tables for Confluence app.


  1. Log into your Confluence instance,
    1. If you already have a page with the JSON macro then please go to Step # 4. 
    2. Create a new page or clickto edit an existing page.

  2. Insert the Advanced Table - JSON Table macro. For this example, consider the URL of JSON data:

  3. Edit the macro and navigate to JSON settings > Data source, Data format, Data settings and enter the below details as shown:

    The following screenshot shows the different fields which we have selected for this example. 

  4. Go to Column Settings > Formatting > Cog wheel (Show column attributes as shown:

  5. Enter style="width:170px;"underColumn attributes, and click Save settings.  (You can replace 170 px with your requirement). 

    1. Use Add formatting to specify formatting for other columns in your table. 

    2. Here we are adding the different column attributes for the columns with different pixel size.  Use this style for the columns as per your requirement in your table(s).

  6. The output displays the required table column width. For the given example, the table is displayed as:

    • We recommend this to be tested in a non-production environment before implementing in production.