Add a GitHub profile


This article illustrates the process of adding a GitHub profile to the Markdown macro.

Before you begin:

To add a profile, you will need the following:

Global Configuration settings:

  • Whitelist the URL for GitHub.


  1. Navigate to CONFLUENCE ADMINISTRATION > General Configuration > BOB SWIFT CONFIGURATION > Markdown > Profiles.

  2. Click Add Profile.

  3. Enter a unique profile name in the Profile name text box. 

    Ensure that you provide a unique profile name. If you add a profile name that already exists, Markdown will replace the existing profile.

  4. Select GitHub from the options in Profile type. You will notice that the Request header parameters are auto-filled.

  5. Enter the API URL for GitHub in the URL text box. For example,

    To know more about URLs, refer to Create a profile with a URL.

  6. Enter the personal access token for your GitHub profile in the Access token text box. 
  7. Click Save profile to create a Profile.