Add a Row Number with Augments - 8.x

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This page shows how you can use Augments to add a row number to the data. It can be added in any position.

Macro Browser Input

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Macro NameAdvanced Table - CSV Table
Macro Syntax{csv}

Define these Parameters/Values

CSV Table settings > Data settings > Output formatwiki
CSV Table settings > Sorting > Columns to display,Product,Sales
CSV Table settings > Data format > Augments to data row values%#%


Wiki Markup Input

{csv:columns=,Product, Sales|augments=%#%}
Product, Sales
ABC, 1000
XYZ, 2000

Example Result

Persistent row number

This row number is added to the HTML table produced by the macro just as if it was in the original CSV data. This will show in an exported page. This is different than selecting Auto number each row for the table which is a browser display option only.

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