JSON Table Field Manipulation or Calculations - 8.x

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This page shows how to use Augments for field manipulation or calculations when using the JSON Table macro, which is part of the Advanced Tables for Confluence app. In this example, we use Groovy scripting to do field modification based on the field data. This is just a simple example of the technique.

Scripting is expensive, so make sure you surround the json-table macro with the Cache Macro and/or the Future Macro to minimize response time for the page. 

Reference: Use Augments with JSON Table.

Macro Browser Input

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Macro NameAdvanced Tables - JSON Table
Macro Syntax{json-table}

Define these Parameters/Values

Macro Body
[{a: 1495020217, b: 1495020217.0}]
JSON Table settings > Data settings > Output formatwiki
JSON Table settings > Data format > Augments to data row values, "{groovy}def x='%1%'; print x.substring(0,10){groovy}"

Column settings > Formatting > Column type (1





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