Create a linked issue in another project only if one doesn't already exist - 7.x


Estimated Time: 12 min

You would like to create an issue and link it with the parent, but do so only in the case where one doesn't already exist. 


This scenario uses an example ePub workflow that helps teams coordinate the publication of electronic books. We can add a Create Issue post function that processes when users transition issues from the "In Edit" to "In Composition" steps. This transition can occur multiple times, where users send issues between the two steps. The first time we move between the two steps, a linked issue within another project is automatically created. Therefore, we can inspect each transition and leverage one of Create on Transitions built-in functions to help us check, if the issue already exists. If it does not, we can create and link the issue. Otherwise, we can simply process the transition. 


The following steps demonstrate how to configure Create on Transition, regex inspection of the project using a built-in function: