Create and link issue on exact summary match - 7.x


Estimated Time: 12 min

You have a new Create Issue post function in place and each time the workflow transition takes place, you would like to inspect the Summary to see if it is an exact match of a specific string and if so, you would like to create the new issue and link the newly created issue back to the parent issue that was being transitioned. 


This scenario uses an example ePub workflow that helps teams coordinate the publication of electronic books. We have a Create Issue Post Function that processes when users transition issues from the "Open" to "In Draft" steps. For each instance of this transition, we automatically create a new issue linking it back to the parent issue. What we want now, is to check the Summary (using regex) to see if it begins with either "epub" or "digital" and if either condition is met, we can  create and link the issues. 


The following steps demonstrate how to configure Create on Transition, regex inspection of the summary and applying the proper linkage between issues: