The digraph macro comes bundled with ten standard pre-configured templates. Mentioned below are the names of the templates, a short description of their functionality, and a sample output:

Template NameDescriptionSample Output
OrgChartAn Organizational chart that lists the hierarchy of people from the CEO to the controller.

ClusterSampleSingle directed cluster with start to end process.

GraphwithCircleAndBoxesA directed graph with circles and boxes.

MultiColored DirectionsA multi-colored undirected and directed graph.

ColoredNodesA directed graph with colored nodes.

NodeShapesLists the different shapes of the node available in the macro.

NodesWithStylesA list of nodes with different styling options.

SoftwareComponentA directed graph for software components.

UsingHTMLUses the HTML content as a dot input to render a graph.

RecordBasedNodesA directed graph with record-based nodes.