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Finding and managing images for a site can be difficult. This site uses the Attachment Table macro, which is part of the Advanced Tables for Confluence app, to help. It provides a good inventory view and makes finding and removing obsolete images easier. We follow a process where all sitewide (global) images are to be attached to the Images page. These are images that are most likely to be needed on multiple pages or are of a general nature like banners, icons, and other standard image assets. Page specific attachments are often just attached to their respective pages. Sometimes one of these images needs to be used on other pages, in this case, the image should be moved to the global Images page. Duplication should be avoided; specifically, be careful when copying pages with attachments as it duplicates the attachments. 

The Attachment Table macro can also be used to manage general attachments, but this how to focus on images specifically.

The following describes what is done on this site. You will need to adjust based on your own requirements and size of your site. In our case, we split management of the images into 2 cases — global images and everything else. Larger sites may want to manage it on a space level by constructing a template page and copying it to each space.

Steps for a Page with Shared Images

These steps assume you have a page that contains a set of shared images that need to be managed.

Steps for Sitewide Images

These steps are for managing images across a selection of spaces and pages. Many are similar to the previous example. Some understanding of how to use regular expressions is assumed.

Be careful on larger sites

Gathering a large number of attachments from lots of pages can take significant time. Subset appropriately for your site. For testing, limit the pages or spaces accessed until you are happy with the result. For production use, consider using the Cache Macro (Confluence download only) to reduce resources and improve display time.

Example Result

(info) Images (global image page) wiki page is a live example of the Attachment Table macro in action.

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