Working Around Background Color Row Style Incompatibility in Confluence 5.0

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Starting with Confluence 5.0-rc1, a compatibility bug (CONF-28098) was introduced that overrides attempts by users and macros to provide row level background setting. For instance, this impacts table-based macros including:

This impacts at least the following:

  1. Row highlighting on mouse-over
  2. Customized row styles like table stripping - see How to control table display characteristics for instance

It also impacts users using more advanced table producing techniques that use the confluenceTable style.

CONF-28098 will be fixed in 5.1.2 and 5.2, until then the following work around can be used to revert the error to the previous state.


  1. Go to Confluence administration -> Look and Feel -> Custom HTML
  2. Edit
  3. Add the following to the *At end of the HEAD* section and save:

    <style type="text/css">
    .confluenceTable .confluenceTd
    { background-color: transparent; }


While the problem may not have appeared in Cloud, it will (sad). Unfortunately, the workaround suggested above is not available with Cloud. Alternatives are to use the css macro and insert the equivalent css onto a page. If you are using the documentation theme, it is also possible to insert the css macro in the Header section of the theme configuration so that it can apply to the entire space.

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