Migrating Advanced Tables for Confluence content from server to cloud

This article provides some cautions to keep in mind while migrating the content of the Advanced Table for Confluence app from Confluence server to Confluence cloud.

Differences between Advanced Tables for Server and Cloud


  • After migrating Confluence from server to cloud, all the pages that have the 'Advanced Tables' app will render properly (provided Advanced Tables has proper cloud license). You just need to ensure that Bob Swift Atlassian Add-ons > Advanced Tables in the Manage apps page has the Cloud license and not the Server license. 
  • If you are importing complete confluence site, you can install the Advanced Tables for Confluence app after the XML backup is restored and updating the license.
  • If you are importing one space at a time, we recommend you to install the Advanced Tables for Confluence app, update the license of the app and then start importing the spaces.

The automatic migration of the Advanced Tables add-on described on the Important Notice: Migration of Advanced Tables to Connect Framework page.