UI caching problem with SQL for Confluence

Problem statement

In some scenarios, after upgrading the SQL for Confluence app from the beta version (10.0.0-SNAPSHOT) to the official version (10.0.0), the SQL macro editor displays old UI instead of the new UI.

SQL for Confluence and Table Library - the SNAPSHOT version

SQL for Confluence - SQL Query macro editor version 10.0.0 displaying the old UI  


AppSQL for Confluence(Pro)
App Version10.0.0
Database TypeN/A


When SQL for Confluence 10.0.0-SNAPSHOT is installed, Table Library 4.1.0-SNAPSHOT is also installed. When the Table Library is not upgraded automatically with an upgrade in SQL for Confluence from 10.0.0-SNAPSHOT to 10.0.0 (latest), the SQL macro editor still displays the older UI.


Uninstall SQL for Confluence 10.0.0, followed by uninstalling Table Library 4.1.0-SNAPSHOT. Now, re-install SQL for Confluence. This time the latest Table Library 4.1.0 gets installed and the issue shall be fixed.

  1. Check the folder <confluence-home directory>/plugins-cache to see if there are multiple jars for a given SQL for Confluence app and Table Library app. If yes, remove the unwanted versions.
  2. Check the app functionality.
  3. If the issue persists, uninstall and install SQL for Confluence.
  4. If SQL for Confluence does not work, enter Safe mode. That disables all the apps.
  5. Now, enable only SQL for Confluence and verify the behavior.

SQL for Confluence and Table Library - version 10.0.0

SQL for Confluence - SQL Query macro editor version 10.0.0 displaying the respective new UI

Ensure that the Table Library app version is compatible with the version of SQL for Confluence app.

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