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Filtering table data - 8.x

Users can now search for some specific data (currently works with text based searches which may contain some special characters) with column filters in the tables generated with the Advanced Tables for Confluence macros. If the Display data filter option is toggled on in the macro's settings, a filter drop-down appears under every column heading in the table. This panel contains a drop-down list that contains all unique values per column. By default, the None option is selected, and thus, all the column values are displayed in the drop-down list. Note that for every value selected for a column the entire table data display changes as per the selection.

This page provides an example of how to use filters. Though you can use this feature with any of the macros, for this example, let's work with a CSV macro.

To enable this feature, users must toggle on the Display data filter option from the macro's Table settings.

Important information:

  • Filters are applicable only for text based searches, and are not applicable on data in nested macros or nested tables currently.
  • The data filtering values may contain specified special characters such as ! @ # $ % ^ & * () _ + - = {} ; ' :  \ | , / ?
  • Data filtering does not support the consecutive and repeated occurrence of special characters \ $ | and () and may show unexpected results.

Select this macro

Macro name


Macro syntax{csv}

Define these parameters/value

CSV settings > Data source > Method of locating scriptAttachment
CSV settings > Data source > SpaceCurrent space (spaceKey)
CSV settings > Data source > PageCurrent page (@self)
CSV settings > Data source > AttachmentRows-5K.csv
Table settings > Advanced settings > Display data filterOn
  • For this example, the table data is taken from an attachment on the same page. Thus, Method of locating script, Space, Page, and Attachment field values are specified as required.
  • You must upload a CSV file to the relevant Confluence page, and toggle the Display data filter parameter for this example to work.

Macro parameters to be defined


In this example, as per the CSV file attached, changes made to a couple of column filters results as follows:

There is a known issue with the Display data filter parameter. When you select the drop-down for the first time, the column gets sorted though the list is not visible, and from the next click onwards, the list drops down displaying the unique values available in that column.

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