Advanced column styles

This page provides an example to make user defined styles persist for columns. For this example, let's consider the Monthly Temperatures Table, for which you want to set background colors and borders of various columns, and auto-number all the rows.

Select this macro

Macro nameTable Plus
Macro syntax{table-plus}

Define these parameters/values

Column settings > Formatting > Column Styles (1




background:lightgrey; padding:15px;

background:lightblue; color:teal

background:lightyellow; border: 3px dotted green;


Column settings > Numbering & Totaling > Insert auto number columnOn
Column settings > Numbering & Totaling > Auto number column stylesborder: 5px solid #c1c7d0;
Column settings > Numbering & Totaling > Apply Column styles to data column cellsOn

Observe that column 1 styling is repeated in column 4, but, value 2 is used instead of 1. This is because Insert auto number column in On.


Example result

When the Apply Column styles to data column cells is off, certain styles like the padding and the text color are not applied as shown:

When the Apply Column styles to data column cells is toggled on, the table is displayed with all the specified styles as shown: