Release notes 8.2

What's new

Introduction of four new parameters for Advanced Tables for Confluence

New parameters enable users to customize the way content is rendered on pages using the Advanced Tables for Confluence macros.

Parameter nameAvailable for macros Description
Auto total rows stylesAllUsers can now specify CSS styles to be applied on the Auto total row from Row formatting > Header & footer rows > Auto total rows styles in a macro's editor. This parameter is valid only if Column settings > Numbering and totaling > Auto total numeric columns is enabled in the macro editor.
Hide header rows
  • Table Plus
  • CSV Table
  • JSON Table

Users can now hide the table header rows from being displayed. This parameter is available in the Row formatting > Header & footer rows tab of the macro editor, and is dependent on the value set in the Number of header rows parameter. If the Number of header rows parameter is zero (0), any header row(s) in the table is displayed as data row(s). If the header rows are hidden, any styles applied to such rows are ignored. 

This parameter is not available for the Attachment Table macro.

Retrieve attachments from child pagesAttachment Table

Users can now display the attachments on child pages of the required parent page as specified in the Space and Page parameters of the Attachment Table macro. This parameter is valid only if Source is set to Single page.

Show result as tableJSON TableUsers can now display JSON data as plain text instead of displaying data in a table with the JSON settings > Data settings > Show result as table parameter in the macro editor. This text is devoid of any column delimiters or whitespace characters.

Ability to specify delimiter for downloaded or exported file

Users can now specify the delimiter to be used when table data is downloaded or exported. This feature is enabled only if Enable download and export as attachment in Table settings > Advanced settings is selected in the macro editor. Though by default, comma (,) acts as the delimiter, users can specify another single character to be used as a delimiter. Once the file is downloaded or exported, the file contents are separated with this delimiter.

Retain table customizations after applying filters

Any settings applied on a table such as row and/or column styles, numbering of rows, or totaling of numeric columns, are applied even after applying filters on table data. The row numbers and totals are recalculated and displayed as per the filters specified.

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