Release notes 1.2.1-AC

What's new

Update version from Universal Plugin Manager (UPM)

The Advanced Tables for Confluence Cloud app version 2.9.0 and later are available in the Marketplace with version number 1.2.1-AC.

In the Manage apps screen, expand the Bob Swift Atlassian Apps - Advanced Tables tab to view the following information about version update:

Ability to specify delimiter for downloaded or exported file

Specify a custom file delimiter to be used when table data is downloaded or exported. This feature is enabled only if Allow download and export is selected in the macro editor. Though by default, comma (,) acts as the delimiter, users can specify another relevant single character to be used as a delimiter. Once the file is downloaded or exported, the file contents are separated with this delimiter.

  1. Enable the Allow download and export option to display the download and export icons.
  2. Specify a single character to be used as a delimiter for the table to be downloaded or exported in Export file delimiter.

Retain table customizations after applying filters

Any additional settings such as row and/or column styles, numbering of rows, or totaling of numeric columns, are applied even after applying filters on table data. The row numbers and totals are recalculated and displayed as per the filters specified. A message about the filter applied and the number of rows affected is shown below the table.

Resolved issues

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