How to format the Auto Total row for numeric columns - Cloud


This page outlines an example of how to style the row with totals of numeric columns using the Table Plus macro, CSV (Comma Separated Values) macroor Attachment Table macro, which are part of the Advanced Tables for Confluence app. This example assumes your data itself contains the formatting you want, such as comma separators and dollar signs. The instructions given on this page ensure that when you choose to have a row with totals of numeric columns, it too is similarly styled.

Macro browser input

Select any of the macros

Macro name
  • Advanced Tables - CSV Table
  • Advanced Tables - Table Plus
  • Advanced Tables - Attachment Table
Macro syntax (Old editor)
  • {csv}
  • {table-plus}
  • {attachment-table}
Macro syntax (New editor - case insensitive)
  • /Table Plus
  • /CSV (Comma Separated Values)
  • /Attachment Table

Define these parameters/values

Auto total numeric columnsOn

Column types


Parameters set in the macro editor

Wiki markup input (Old editor)

For a table built using the CSV (Comma Separated Values) macro:


Example result

Other examples

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