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This page demonstrates how to use the Table Plus macro, which is part of the Advanced Tables for Confluence app, to download or export (as an attachment) a CSV representation of the table view. By specifying the Allow download and export parameter on the macro, users are given two icons () that can be clicked to download or export the current table view to a CSV file. Download places the file on the user local system and export creates an attachment.

Though, a comma (,) is used as a delimiter for the table contents by default, you can specify a different character in Export file delimiter. Enter any single character to act as a delimiter in the text box. For this example, let's use the default delimiter to download the current table view.



Macro browser input

Select this macro

Macro nameAdvanced Tables - Table Plus
Macro syntax (Old editor){table-plus}
Macro syntax (New editor - case insensitive)/Table Plus

Define these parameters/values

Auto number on each row


Auto total row


Allow download and exportOn
Export file delimiter,

Sort descending


Auto sort this column


Column typesS,E,I
Table idProduct Revenue

Parameters set in the macro editor

Wiki markup input (Old editor)

{table-plus:allowExport=true|id=Product Revenue|autoNumber=true|autoTotal=true|sortDescending=true|sortColumn=3|columnTypes=S,E,FF"$0,0"}
|| Product || On Plan || Revenue ||
| A | (/) | 325100 |
| D | (/) | 315850 |
| C | (x) | 250420 |
| B | (/) | 98650  |
| E | (x) | 79010  |

Exported CSV file

The exported attachment, Product Revenue.csv, can be imported back to a Confluence page using the CSV (Comma Separated Values) macro. This could be used for showing snapshots of tables that have been archived for a historical view. The exported CSV file is added to a CSV (Comma Separated Values) macro as an attachment on this page:

As text

Product Revenue.csv
"","Product","On Plan","Revenue"


With a few parameters to make it look more like the original

The following parameters were used in the CSV (Comma Separated Values) macro:

Select this macro

Macro nameAdvanced Tables - CSV Table
Macro syntax (Old editor){csv}
Macro syntax (New editor - case insensitive)/CSV (Comma Separated Values)

Define these parameters/values

Output formatwiki
Header rows1

Augments to data row values

, , !%3%!

Augments to footing row values

, , Total

Location of CSV data

^Product Revenue.csv

Column types


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