How to improve the Jira Issues macro with the Table Plus macro - Cloud


This page demonstrates how to use the Table Plus macro, which is part of the Advanced Tables for Confluence app, to enhance the Jira Issues macro. Simply insert a Table Plus macro onto your page, configure its parameters, and then insert a Jira Issues macro inside of the Table Plus macro. 

Though nested macros are generally not supported in Confluence Cloud, some macros like the Jira Issues macro can be inserted into the Table Plus macro.

The Table Plus macro can add sorting and other features to the Jira Issues macro including styling the table differently. The key to doing this successfully can sometimes be dependent on the Confluence release (or more specifically, the release of the plugin containing Jira Issues macro).


Sorting is only done on the visible issues.

Macro browser input

Select this macro

Macro nameAdvanced Tables - Table Plus
Macro syntax (Old editor){table-plus}
Macro syntax (New editor - case insensitive)/Table Plus

Define these parameters/values

Heading rows2 

Column types


  • The Column types parameter is required for sorting. It should contain a comma separated list of values for handling each column. 
  • Click Display Options from within the Jira Issues macro to review and optionally, customize the columns to display, and thus, determine how to set the Table Plus macro's Column types parameter.

Column types parameter values

String (S)Columns with string values.
Exclude this column from user selectable sorting (X)Exclude column from sorting. For example, using Type column as that sorts by key, which is confusing.
Date (M)Columns with date values.
Complex HTML elements (E)Columns with images or emoticons.
Numeric and float values (F)Columns with numeric or float values.

Parameters set in the macro editor

After the relevant parameters are set in the Table Plus and Jira Issues macros, the macros are shown on the page (before it is published) as:

Wiki markup input (Old editor)


Example result

Other examples

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