Release notes 1.2.2-AC

What's new

The Advanced Tables for Confluence Cloud app version 2.9.4 is available in the Marketplace with version number 1.2.2-AC.

New parameter introduced in the Attachment Table macro

Users can now display the attachments on child pages of the required parent page as specified in the Space and Page parameters of the Attachment Table macro. Enable the Retrieve attachments from child pages parameter in the macro editor to view the attachments of the desired parent page including that on the child pages

  • This parameter is valid only if Source is set to Single page.
  • You can use the Limit number of attachments to retrieve parameter to limit the number of files to be processed.

The following bug fixes were also implemented in this release:

  • In the Microsoft Edge browser, if the CSV data given in a CSV Table macro did not have proper opening and closing double quotes (""), the processing of content failed causing the Confluence page to hang. This issue is now resolved.
  • If JSON data used in a JSON Table macro consisted of nested objects or arrays, the data was rendered as "[Object object]". This issue is now resolved, and the nested JSON data is now displayed as arrays or strings.

Resolved issues

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