Release notes 8.3

What's new

Advanced Tables for Confluence version 8.3.0 bundles with Table Library for Bob Swift Apps version 4.6.0. Ensure that Table Library for Bob Swift Apps is also installed and/or updated with this release. Refer to the Administrator guide in Table Library to know more.

Introduction to the new JQL table macro

A new macro, JQL Table, is now available in the Advanced Tables for Confluence app. This macro is similar to the native Jira Issues macro, but provides all the advantages that Advanced Tables for Confluence offers to users.

Create application links to Jira instances to start using this macro on your pages. Use of application links works as a direct link to the required Jira issues. Other available functions are:

  • Provide JQL to perform basic as well as advanced searches on the specified Jira instance
  • Choose the Jira issue fields to be displayed or use the default set of fields
  • Display Jira issues fields along with images
  • Download or export the Jira issues
  • Apply filters to view just the relevant information
  • Use the same table styling capabilities as specified in common table capabilities

New Allow JavaScript option available in the app's Global Configuration

A new option, Allow JavaScript, is now available in Global Configuration. Administrators can use this option to control the usage of JavaScript in any of the Advanced Tables for Confluence macros. If the option is toggled off and JavaScript is still given in a macro, the relevant warning messages are displayed to the user. Refer to the Configuration page for more information about this parameter.

This parameter is not applicable for the Attachment Table macro.

Apply filters to table data

Enable the Display data filter parameter under Table settings > Advanced settings in a macro editor. This displays a drop-down list with unique column values under each column heading. By default, the None option is selected.

Select filter values in multiple columns to see a more specific row. As filters are applied on other columns, the display of information differs. Select None for all columns to show the entire table data. 

In the app version 8.1.0, enabling this option displayed a filter panel above the table and the search text box accepted regular expressions. From version 8.3.0, only column filters are available with tables.

Resolved issues

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