Link to Jira instances with application links


This article illustrates the process of linking Confluence to Jira using application links (sometimes called app links or AppLinks). If a linked Jira instance is specified in the Jira application link parameter of the JQL Table macro editor, the macro recognizes the link, and renders the Jira issues as per the specified JQL search on the Confluence page. After the initial verification, URLs to this linked instance are treated as direct links and do not need any further authentication. Creating app links has many advantages such as:

  • Security: Password is only required to authenticate user credentials when an application link is created, and thus, sensitive information like user credentials are hidden from exposure.
  • Usability: Authentication is done only when the application link is created, thus, frequent prompts for user credentials are avoided.
  • Seamless access across the platform: Administrators have to configure application links only once for permitted users to access the app.

Prerequisites for creating app links:

  • To link Confluence to another app, you must be an administrator for both the apps.
  • Atlassian recommends that you use OAuth with impersonation authentication if you select the The servers have the same set of users option when linking.
  • You require a working URL link for the Jira instance to be linked with Confluence.


Create the application link in Confluence administration as mentioned in the Confluence support page on application links. Once the linking is successful, you can see the status as Connected in green.

  1. Add a JQL Table macro to a Confluence page, or edit an existing macro to see the macro editor.
  2. Specify any of the linked Jira instances in the editor's Jira application link parameter

Points to remember

  • Administrators can link Confluence with other Atlassian applications such as Bitbucket.
  • After the links are created, user credentials are authenticated only once when an application linked URL is processed through a macro.
  • Once user credentials have been verified through the macro, URLs given from a verified application link then works like an absolute path to the specified Jira instance.

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