Removing the App


If you no longer want to use the app and you still have pages using the app's macros, then to prevent errors on pages using the macros, remove the macros first. The following sections give you some tips on this:

Keep the app enabled and licensed until you have removed macro usage

If you already have disabled, uninstalled, or un-subscribed to the app, then you must temporarily install or enable the app. You may need to do a Try it free if your license is invalid.

Finding pages using macros

See this answer for how to search for macros. Briefly stated search using something like: macroName: table-plus. This search does not find wiki style references to the macro in plain text macro bodies, so you must also do a text search like: {table-plus, etc...

Advanced tables has four macros: table-pluscsv, attachment-table, and json-table

Removing the macros 

  1. For the Table Plus macro: copy the body contents outside the macro and then remove the macro.
  2. For the CSV Table macro or JSON Table Macro: either remove the macro completely or convert it to a noformat macro to preserve the data without formatting.
    1. Edit the page
    2. Edit the macro to go to the macro browser
    3. Select Select macro (bottom left corner)
    4. Find and select the noformat macro 
  3. For the Attachment Table macro: remove the macro. The Confluence attachments macro may be an alternative for some cases. 

Disabling or removing the app

You must be a Confluence Administrator to perform these actions.

  1. Select Apps from the global 'cog' icon in the header.
  2. Use the filter to search for table.
  3. Expand Bob Swift Atlassian Apps - Advanced Table.
  4. Click the Disable or Uninstall button.