Release notes 8.6.0

Release date: 2022-04-14

Our team is excited to announce the release of Advanced Tables for Confluence, version 8.6.0.



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The CSV and JSON Table macros continue to support the Username and Password parameters

The Advanced Tables for Confluence (version 8.6.0 and above) macros, CSV, and JSON Table continue to support the parameters, Username, and Password to access the data from a remote location. With this release, the Password parameter value remains secure with encryption.

Consider a Confluence page containing the CSV or JSON Table macros rendering data using URL, Username, and Password. The Password parameter value displayed is encrypted and remains secure in all potential scenarios.

  • Viewing the Password value in Confluence Storage Format of the page.

  • The edit mode of the confluence page displays the encrypted Password in the CSV and JSON Table macro.

  • Inspecting the Password value using browser developer tools.

  • Notifying the modified Password to page watchers.

Macro configuration for CSV and JSON Table

New macro configuration

The Password parameter value is secure with encryption for the new CSV or JSON Table (version 8.6.0 and above) macro configuration.

Supports the pre-configured macro configuration

Password encryption does not impact the existing macro configurations or pre-configured macros. The configuration changes to help you consider and plan after upgrading to Advanced Tables for Confluence, version 8.6.0, are as below:

  • Retain the pre-configured macros without any change

    • Retain the pre-configured macros, CSV, or JSON Table with a plain text Password without any change.

    • The macro renders the data using a plain text Password.

  • Encrypt the existing Password for the pre-configured macros, CSV, and JSON Table.

    • Publish or update the page (It is not required to edit anything on the page or macro unless you want to change it) containing the pre-configured macros, CSV or JSON Table.

    • Once the page is published or updated, the Password is secure with encryption.

The JQL Table macro supports various types of custom fields

The JQL Table macro displays the values for various Jira custom field types (such as Checkboxes, Date Picker, Date Time Picker, Labels, Radio Buttons, Select List (cascading), Select List (multiple choices), Select List (single choice), Text Field (multi-line), Text Field (single line), URL Field, User Picker(multiple users), User Picker(single user), Version Picker(multiple versions), Version Picker(single version)) as seen in Jira.

For more information, refer to How to display Jira native and custom issue fields in the JQL Table.

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