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This page provides information about cloud releases of the Advanced Tables for Confluence app.

Release notes for other versions of this product are available here.

Featured in this release

Accept version update from Universal Plugin Manager (UPM) manually

For this release, your Confluence administrator must manually accept the version upgrade from the UPM. There was a minor correction to the vendor name that caused this manual update. Until the update is accepted, the previous version of the application is used. Note that app version 2.7.0 is available in the Marketplace with version number 1.1.2-AC.

An administrator sees the following screen on the Manage apps screen for this version:

Download tables to your file system

With this release, you can download your table data as a CSV file to your local file system. To use this feature, enable the Allow download and export option in macro settings. Once enabled, a download button () is displayed to the right of the table.

Resolved issues

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