Key differences between Advanced Tables for Server and Cloud


This page describes what you need to consider:

  • When migrating from Confluence Server to Confluence Cloud and you are using the Advanced Tables for Confluence app on pages in your instance.   
  • When using Advanced Tables for Confluence Cloud and you are seeing some differences in behavior from the documentation. 


Atlassian's Confluence Migration Instructions

What will be different?

The macros involved are:

The key differences in behavior are:

  1. The data center and server versions of the app has a different macro editor than the Cloud version.  The Cloud version gets the updated editor in a future release.
  2. Macros render in the background and then appear as the data becomes available.
  3. The performance of the macro rendering is mostly dependent on the performance of the user's client machine as a majority of the processing is now done using the browser's Javascript engine. The way the Connect architecture works is that macros get loaded dynamically AFTER the page is rendered and displayed. This allows the page to be displayed to the user somewhat quicker, but then there can be a delay on each macro loading. The loading time is dependent on client Javascript speed (some browsers may be better than others) and network connections. This is a permanent restriction of the architecture.
  4. There may be a difference in behavior with some interactions with other page elements or macros. The Atlassian Confluence development team continues to improve the integration and interactions of macros in the connect environment. 
  5. There are some known issues and incompatibilities. 

Reporting problems

If you experience any problems or behavior changes that are unexpected, please do not hesitate to open a support issue (login required - see Help). This helps us identify and prioritize fixes and improvements.

Known issues and incompatibilities

The Attachment Table macro has a parameter incompatibility between server and cloud versions for the app.  The page parameter on server is renamed to attachmentPage on cloud.  Migrations to cloud are typically successful.  Work is underway for the next release of the app's server to resolve the problem going the other way.  TBL-679 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Inter-operability between macros. Specifically there are rendering issues and differences between server and cloud apps. There have always been some compatibility problems between macros. This is more of an issue with Connect based apps. The Confluence connect development team is working on improvements in this area based on likely use cases. CONF-41551
Anchor macros within Advanced Tables for Confluence macros do not work. Atlassian has deemed this a permanent restriction.CE-886

Sorting inline tasks in Connect macros does not work.

Preview in macro editor does not work in some cases. Workaround is to use full page preview until the issue can be resolved.CE-13
Style (css) macro on the page is no longer active in Advanced Tables for Confluence macros. For the Table Plus macro, the workaround is to include the macro within the body of the Table Plus macro.CE-890
Export to PDF or Export to Word does not include some of the Advanced Tables for Confluence features. You basically get the table.  Workaround is to use browser's Print to PDF function.
TBL-958 - Getting issue details... STATUS
TBL-748 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Excerpt include macro results in 404 error when including a Connect macro. 


Not all options for the Jira Issue/Filter macro work when displayed inside a Table Plus macro. Using the Total Issue Count option and the Single Issue option does not work when used inside Table Plus macro.  The Jira data does not load and simply shows a spinning icon. 


TBL-879 - Getting issue details... STATUS

TBL-945 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Page Properties Report does not display formatting and styling when used in a Table Plus macro.  The Page Properties macro loads asynchronously and the Table Plus macro does not have a trigger to know when to add formatting. TBL-959 - Getting issue details... STATUS