Autonumbering Rows and Auto-totalling Numeric Columns

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This page demonstrates how to use the Table Plus macro, which is part of the Advanced Tables for Confluence add-on, to auto-number rows and auto-total numeric columns using this table:

Macro Browser Input

Select this Macro

Macro NameTable Plus
Macro Syntax{table-plus}

Define these Parameters/Values

Auto number on each rowselected
Auto total rowselected
Sort descendingselected
Auto sort column3
Column typesS,E,I
Column attributes


Highlight colorlightgoldenrodyellow



Wiki Markup Input

|| Product || On Plan || Revenue ||
| A | (/) | 325100 |
| D | (/) | 315850 |
| C | (x) | 250420 |
| B | (/) | 98650  |
| E | (x) | 79010  |


Example Result

(info) Note that columns are centered, rows are autonumbered, and the Revenue column is auto-totalled. You can click a column heading to sort by that column.


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