Using Regex Expressions To Select Attachments

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This page demonstrates how to use the Attachment Table macro, which is part of the Advanced Tables for Confluence add-on, to select attachments based on the Space or attachment name, using a Regex expression.

  • Use the special @self value for the spaceRegex parameter to match on all attachments in the current Space.
  • Use .*png|.*jpg to match on attachments whose name ends in png or jpg.

Macro Browser Input

Select this Macro

Macro NameAttachment table
Macro Syntax{attachment-table}

Define these Parameters/Values

Space key or space name regex @self
Attachment name regex.*png|.*jpg




Wiki Markup Input


Confluence is more limited on parameter values. In this case, | (pipe - used for regex or) is a reserved character, so it cannot be used.


Example Result

Selecting attachments based on matching on more than one label

The above example shows how to match on one label. Constructing a regex to match attachments that have 2 or more specific labels is a bit more complicated.

  1. Set the Label match option to all
  2. Use a regex pattern similar to the following using xxx, yyy, and zzz as example labels:
2 labels:  .*(?:.*\b(?:(?:xxx)|(?:yyy))\b.*){2}.*
3 labels:  .*(?:.*\b(?:(?:xxx)|(?:yyy)|(?:zzz))\b.*){3}.*


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