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This example shows how to add wiki links and images to CSV data produced by other processes. This highlights the real advantages of augments especially for data produced by other processes. In this example, the data is produced by the Confluence Command Line Interface (CLI) using --action getSpacePermissionList and it relies on 2 images being attached to a page named "images" in the current space. The images are named "true.png" for the (tick) and "false.png" for the (error)

Macro Browser Input

Select this Macro

Macro NameCSV (Comma Separated Values)
Macro Syntax{csv}

Define these Parameters/Values

Output formatwiki
Columns to showSpace, Id Type, Id, Viewspace
Augments to data row values
Augments to heading row values,,,View
Column typesS,S,S,E

Explaining the Augments to data row values parameter's value:


Wiki Markup Input

  |columns=Space, Id Type, Id, viewspace

Example Result

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