Formatting the Auto Total Row for Numeric Columns

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This page outlines an example of how to style the Auto Total row for numeric columns using the CSV macro, Table Plus macro, or Attachment Table macro, which are part of the Advanced Tables for Confluence add-on.

This example assumes your data itself contains the formatting you want, such as comma separators and dollar signs. The instructions below will ensure that when you choose to have an Auto Total row, it too is similarly styled.

Since release 5.4, there are more capabilities to control table display characteristics. Specifically, setting the table class (default is confluenceTable), table style, and row styles. See Common Table Capabilities for more details.

Macro Browser Input

Select this Macro

Macro Name

Any of the following:

  • CSV (Comma Separated Values)
  • Table Plus
  • Attachment Table
Macro Syntax

Any of the following:

  • {csv}
  • {table-plus}
  • {attachment-table}

Define these Parameters/Values 

This Auto Total row can be styled by setting the columnTypes parameter to:

Auto total rowselected
Column types

See Formatting Options for Numeric Rows for a full list of available formatting options.



Wiki Markup Input

For a table built using the CSV macro:



Example Result

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